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Thu 20 January 2022
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Dear Surrey resident
The election of a new Police & Crime Commissioner for Surrey will take place on Thursday 6th May.
The PCC is a critical role for the policing of the county as they appoint the Chief Constable, obtain and manage funds for policing, and set the Police strategy for the county. Please use your vote for the candidate who you wish to oversee the policing for Surrey for the next 4 years.

To help you decide on the best candidate, Surrey Neighbourhood Watch asked all five candidates two specific questions regarding their approach to Neighbourhood Watch in Surrey. We asked for responses by 24th April 2021
1: What are the three priority areas where you think Neighbourhood Watch might be able to make a significant contribution towards you achieving your objectives?
2: How do you plan to help Neighbourhood Watch to make this contribution?
Kevin Hurley (Independent)
     Kevin Hurley's response (pdf)
David Munro (Independent)
     David Munro's response (pdf)
Paul Kennedy (Lib Dem)
     Paul Kennedy's response (pdf)
Lisa Townsend (Conservatives)
     Lisa Townsend's response (pdf)
Howard Kaye (Labour)
     No response yet received