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Tue 30 November 2021
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Join us in Neighbourhood Watch in Surrey
By joining the Neighbourhood Watch in Surrey you will become a member of a large community that is dedicated to making the lives better for the millions of citizens who live in the county. The NhW community is supported by Surrey Police and the Surrey boroughs.

NhW is not just about Police and crime; not just about the houses in your street; and not just about your neighbours. It's about making the lives better for everyone and keeping all good citizens aware of what is happening both locally and across the county.

By registering on the UK-wide system you will be noting your interest in helping your street, neighbours and community, and you will receive regular notifications from the Police and other organisations.

For some people, this is all they need. Others may want to form a Watch (or Scheme as the system calls it) for your street or community. Note that a Watch/Scheme is not just for a physical area, such as a street or two, but can be a "virtual" Watch for, say, a church congregation, a self-interest group, or a Facebook group. As a Watch co-ordinator you will party to more information from both the NhW organisation and your Police. You will be given assistance to set a Watch up, including the erection of NhW signs in your Watch area - a very good deterrent for criminals.

Registration requires no money or bank details – everything is free.


In Surrey, the preferred registration route is via the Surrey/Sussex InTheKnow community:

Your details are held on a very secure nation-wide system that is sanctioned by the Home Office. But your details will only be visible to those in authority in Surrey. The database is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and your details will never be given or sold to anyone for commercial purposes.

If you just wish to register a Watch, please check whether you are not already in a one by entering your post code in the "Find your local scheme" on the front page of this website. If you are not already in a Watch (Scheme) please register via the InTheKnow website using the link above. Use the fields in the "What's happening near me" facility on the front page. Skip the option to set up a Scheme when you get to that section – you can do that as a second stage.

You will receive an automated email immediately after you have finished the registration. Open the email and click on the link to confirm your email address. You will then find a web page open with your registration details.


If you wish to go further and register a Watch/Scheme, follow the link at the bottom of the web page that opens after you have confirmed your email address. Once the Scheme is registered your personal registration will change from “Resident” to “Co-ordinator”.


A guide to help you with the above can be downloaded <here>